Lions launches 'White House Tour - Red Away' World Cup 2018

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Lions launches 'White House Tour - Red Away' World Cup 2018

Príspevokod užívateľa tom » 08 Feb 2018, 10:24

The Angry National team has launched a new World Cup series this summer, in a simple, white and red suit. There are also sweatshirts and t-shirts included in the collection.

The dress will come in the usual white and pants will be navy. The number is red and the red stripe is a little patterned.

Three lions are also starred. Indicates their 1966 World Championship.

The "roaring lion" will use the same red color that was put on the field 52 years ago, but the flag pattern on the chest. Pants white

For racing series, there will be a positioning of the shirt. In the middle will move to the right and inside the shirt is a pattern of roses.

However, this is not all. In the collection, there are other shirts and tee shirts before the game. The retro style is similar to the 1982 dress with blue and red patterned chest.

There are also gray sweatshirts and white jackets that players will wear when they walk down the field in each Russian game.

T-shirt before the game is one of the launches this collection.

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Lions launches White House Tour Red Away World Cup 2018

Príspevokod užívateľa Justinsuite » 20 Máj 2018, 21:09

Is it posted anywhere what the exact rules are for each class for this upcoming race??


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